• Large selection of maintenance and cleaning services for professionals.
  • Support and management of your company general services’ outsourcing.
  • The cleaning solution that will free up your personal schedule.
  • The tailor made cleaning concept for your resort.
  • Outdoor areas maintenance to enjoy each season even more!
  • Flexible food & beverages concept, as well as on-site company events’ organization.

Actaïa, a new offer by CTA services

Actaia's mission is to take care of you and your family.

More and more people are providing regular assistance to a relative who is no longer able to carry out the main acts of daily life on his or her own.

Anticipating future problems makes it possible to offer the possibility of staying at home as long as possible.

Actaïa's counsellors strive to promote maximum autonomy.

ACTAIA's website

The cleaning solution that will free up your personal schedule.

Solution femme de ménage 

Our home cleaning services are tailored according to your needs for your home.

A well trained staff, smiling and trustworthy will be at your disposal.

Get in touch with us or try out our interactive offers !

  • Your home cleaning
  • Washes
  • Ironing
  • Dust removal
  • Oven interior cleaning
  • Fridge interior cleaning
  • Waste sorting

Personalized Home Care Offer

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Cleaning / Ironing
Hours (60')

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Studio Cleaning

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